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To provide recreational cruisers with a gold plated tracking service, Northland Maritime Radio has partnered with Global Satellite Engineering Inc. (GSE) based in Florida USA.

GSatTrack PRO has advanced features that enhance your safety on an ocean passage, and is included with our Passage Guardian service.

Beyond Tracking

Unlike most other trackers which are limited to providing a visual representation of your vessel over time, GSatTrack has alerting and reporting features that tell us when you may be in difficulty.



If you stop, slow down, or fail to check in at the agreed interval, then we are notified.  There is no need for us (or anybody else) to be constantly looking at a screen to check your vessel's progress. 

Instead, GSatTrack is programmed to focus on the unusual and bring it to our attention as soon as it happens.  We can then take action without delay!

Shore Crew Login

We provide a login for your shore crew to track your progress.  We can even provide them with automated alerts to mirror any alerts we receive!

Individual and Fleet Messaging 

GSatTrack supports messaging between Northland Maritime Radio and your vessel, between your vessel and your shore crew, as well as between your vessel and other vessels in a fleet subscribed to our service.

Supported Hardware

GSatTrack boasts a massive supported list of hardware.

Almost every tracking device manufactured can be connected, including the very popular Iridium Go! 

How to Order

Order Passage Guardian for the number of days you need for the upcoming cruising season.