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Please read this ENTIRE document and complete vessel registration at the end.

Official Communications Provider

Northland Maritime Radio Limited (NMRL) is the official communications provider to the Down Under Go East Rally 2020.

Owned by Peter Mott and operated from his home in the Bay of Islands New Zealand, NMRL offers passage monitoring and HF / SSB maritime radio services to recreational vessels.

Passage Guardian

The cost of NMRL's flagship monitoring service "Passage Guardian" is included in the Go East Rally 2020 entry fee. 

To enhance fleet safety, Passage Guardian is MANDATORY for all vessels participating in the Down Under Go East Rally 2020.

Please do NOT purchase Passage Guardian on the NMRL web site if you are (or intend to be) a registered participant in the Go East Rally 2020.

 Keeping you Safe At Sea

Passage Guardian utilises automated vessel tracking and daily reports sent via email from your vessel whilst on an ocean passage. 

Automated alerts are generated if a monitored vessel does not appear to be progressing as expected based on available tracking data.  Loss of tracking data also generates an alert.

Non receipt of a daily email report triggers the missed check in procedure.

Rescue Coordination Centre Notification

  • Passage Guardian has your back from the moment you leave the dock until you arrive at your destination.
  • We take positive action where there is evidence you are in trouble or are likely to be in trouble soon.
  • RCC notification provides a back stop in the event you are unable to signal distress.

Heavy Weather Alerts

  • To supplement your onboard weather downloads, we are looking out 10-14 days using PredictWind.
  • We check your awareness of heavy weather ahead, particularly when approaching the coast.

Passage Management Assistance

  • We are an experienced, calm and friendly voice on the end of a radio or satellite phone to help you through challenging situations at sea.

Shore Team Communications

  • If you have a supported satellite tracker fitted, Passage Guardian provides an easy way for friends and family to know where you are and communicate with you via short messaging.

Emergency Communications

  • If you are in DISTRESS, activate your vessel EPIRB, and press the red DISTRESS button on both VHF and HF/SSB radios.
  • If time permits, telephone the Rescue Coordination Centre.
  • Northland Maritime Radio Limited, and it's coast station Northland Radio ZMH292 DO NOT maintain a 24/7 watch on HF radio, satellite phone or email.

Required Technology

  1. AIS Transponder
  2. Email at Sea (either satellite or HF / SSB radio fitted with PACTOR)

    The AIS transponder must be transmitting at least 48 hours prior to departure and remain transmitting until safe arrival at the destination.

    Data transmitted by AIS is picked up by satellite receivers and then relayed to Northland Radio ZMH292 operations.

    The Iridium Go! satellite hotspot is typically used to send / receive email as well as download PredictWind weather. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

    Contact Down Under Rally for information related to purchasing the Iridium Go!, including data and PredictWind weather subscriptions.

    Satellite Tracker

    AIS tracking is not reliable for all vessels whilst on ocean passages.  For this reason we strongly recommend the installation of a satellite tracker. 

    If you have an Iridium Go! hotspot, it can be configured as a tracker as well as send / receive email. 

    It is possible for tracking data from an Iridium Go! to be sent to both PredictWind and Northland Maritime Radio ZMH292.  Contact us for instructions.

    Features that are available with a satellite tracker include;

    • A user Internet portal displaying your vessel's position and track.
    • Short messaging between your vessel and the User Internet portal.
    • A public web page showing the positions and track of the entire fleet

    Contact us for advice if you are contemplating purchasing a satellite tracker other than an Iridium Go! 

    HF/ SSB Marine Radio

    For ship to shore and ship to ship voice communication, we recommend the use of a HF/SSB marine radio.  Voice quality is usually much clearer than satellite phone.  

    Our maritime coast station Northland Radio ZMH292 has excellent coverage of the passage route from Southport to Noumea.  You will be able to listen to / talk with other vessels participating in our daily nets.

    If your vessel is not fitted with a HF/SSB radio, we recommend carrying a satellite phone (in addition to an Iridium Go!  hotspot) to provide communications redundancy.  Rental sat phones are available for this purpose.

    Vessel Registration

    Click on the link below to create a customer account.  Set customer type to VESSEL OWNER to reveal the vessel registration form. 


    Complete the form, then click on the REGISTER button to save the data you have entered.

    Ensure the information provided is COMPLETE AND ACCURATE as it may be required during a search and rescue operation for your vessel.

    Changes to your vessel registration record can be made at any time by logging into our web site.

     What happens Next?

    We will email you additional information, including our Communications Guide for when you are at sea.