Global Yacht Monitoring by Peter Mott

Designed for cruisers embarking on ocean passages

Passage Guardian (per day)
  • Satellite AIS Tracking

    Automatically alerts me if your vessel stops making way or stops reporting in.

  • Checks Your Awareness

    I'll give you a heads up on heavy weather ahead, particularly when you are approaching the coast.

    I will also let you know if I see any traffic expected to cross your track overnight.

  • When You Are Stressed

    I am an experienced, calm & friendly voice on the end of the HF / SSB radio or satellite phone to help you through challenging situations.

  • RCC Notification

    When there is no time to activate an EPIRB or initiate a distress call, or when I suspect you may be in trouble.

Store Temporarily Closed

The online store is closed for the winter.

My Passage Guardian service remains available for all vessels conducting ocean passages.


We were so lucky to have had Peter 'onboard' for our latest passage, Fiji to NZ, in highly unpredictable spring weather.
Knowing that Peter was watching over us helped me keep my sanity in amongst three preschool aged children and a husband who is new to Bluewater sailing.  Thank you once again, Peter!

Peter has provided us with a wonderful service, it is a big ocean out there and to have someone to check in with nightly makes you feel a little more secure.  We sailed from New Zealand to Vanuatu, to Fiji, to Wallis Island then to Western and American Samoa, over to Tonga and then up to Suwarrow, Christmas Island and finally arrived in Honolulu Hawaii with Peter there for us every day of our passages.

Our passage from Vanuatu to New Zealand this year was greatly assisted by Peter, Northland Radio. It is so comforting to hear a friendly voice which is calm and giving lots of relevant weather information from which to make decisions. We have 18 years of blue water sailing experience, and consider Northland Radio a MUST when doing passages in the South Pacific.

Northland Radio's powerful radio system proved very useful for getting information via my SSB radio on the many weather systems heading my way while on my recent nonstop, single-handed circumnavigation.   To supplement the infrequent times that voice radio contact was not good enough, I was sent emails to give the weather information I would  have received.  Peter Mott, ZL1PWM, gave me as much time as was needed, using Predictwind and the European weather model (ECMWF), to supplement the GFS model (from NOAA) that I already had access to, in order to try to help me avoid the worst of storm systems and stay safe.